Monday, January 14, 2013

The week(end) in Awesome

Yes, here I am again, with another (good) excuse of why I'm a day late with the Awesome report!

You see, this weekend was our annual DIY Music Retreat -- a weekend of musical mayhem for about 35 folks.  This was the 7th year, and often it's the only time in the year when some of us manage to see each other, although there were some newcomers this year as well.  Something to look forward to in the darker days of winter, a recharging of batteries.  Lots of jamming, a bit of learning, great food and probably a wee bit too much alcohol.  ;-)

I wasn't sure how I'd fare, given my last two months of hermitage, but -- save for one bizarre triggering -- I'm happy to report I did quite well!  (I was, somehow, triggered by the shape of one person's nose.  Still trying to figure WTF that was about, and hoping he didn't notice my reaction and think it had anything to do with him...  So... if you're reading this and noticed my little panic attack when I looked at your face, please don't take it personally, I'm just a little wacked-out right now!)

As I believe I wrote last year, the "young'uns" had again improved in leaps and bounds, which was such a joy to see (and hear!).  And I got my annual dose of love from Mary H., who seems to always know exactly what to say to make me feel so special I could cry.

But the BEST news from the weekend was that at the concert Saturday night (everyone performs one song, often with others joining in), Mary headed on stage making excuses why she might not do a good job -- the most important one being THE NEW RING ON HER FINGER!  Apparently, boyfriend Marcus had proposed earlier in the day, while they were out for a walk.  And, let me tell you, if there's anyone deserving of love in this world, it's Mary -- she gives out so much love and joy to everyone around her, I'm absolutely thrilled she's getting some back (by someone that everyone who met him this weekend has declared to be Mary-worthy).

Because love is Awesome and Mary is Awesome and sometimes Karma can be really and truly Awesome!!!  (And Marcus has definitely earned a spot in the Awesome category as well.)

Returning home last night, and checking my mail and FaceBook and stuff, I learned that Mary isn't the only one who makes me feel so special I could cry.  Angie has posted the following:
So, as I reminisce the weekend at DIY, I am sitting at my dining room table listening to Dark Waters by Alyssa Wright. My 8 year old very perceptive, musically gifted young daughter, Aja, says to me, "Mom, does Alyssa KNOW that she's CRAZY TALENTED?" How's that for confirmation, Lyss?
Bring on the waterworks...  People saying nice things about me out of the blue is... oh... can I say it?... (gulp) Awesome.

On the Katie Foundation front, I'm meeting with my sorta-but-not-exactly-a-brother-in-law-in-law this coming weekend to figure out how to get this puppy registered and given charitable status.  There's a full board now in place (although additions are welcome, don't want to burn anyone out!), and we're all Really.  Freaking.  Excited!!!  Making your dreams come true is: AWESOME!!!

But it's not all about me!  (Well, it's my blog, so it kind of is, but...)

Friend B. sent me this link earlier in the week:  Six hundred guitarists gathered in Darjeeling to play John Lennon's "Imagine" to pay tribute to the Delhi rape victim, and spread "hope, peace and promise" in a country still coming to terms with the violence.

Alrighty, it's now Monday afternoon and I have to actually get some work done in between students (when did my Mondays become such crazy days?), so that's all the awesome you get in this round.

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. When you come out of hibernation you do so with a vengeance. Maybe sometime I'll get to hear you play in real life.

    1. I guess I take "go big or go home" to a whole new level, eh?

      Hope to be touring your way again soon -- at the moment, the big decision is figuring out where we'd be touring FROM, so... will be nice to get that settled. :-)