Thursday, November 26, 2009

For those of you who don't read The Brights' Blog...

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Hello folks!

OK, yes, the rumours are true -- although it's probably the worst-kept secret in showbiz. The Brights are, indeed, well on their way to being The Brights for real and for true -- we are now officially engaged. :-)

In fact, the worst-kept secret kind of made itself made by being the worst-kept secret. At dinner with my family, Don let it slip we were trying to figure out where to get married. Ears were perked, champagne was poured, all was good. :-) So, the following morning, we broke it to the kidlets. Wyatt, of course, could have cared less... Lilly immediately shut the door to the hallway and started practising walking in a straight line with a bouquet full of flowers. So we might not know where or when or whatever... but apparently our flower girl is sorted out. ;-)

So... other than that... my Ontario cousin, Chris, was in Hali on business, so we had a grand family dinner at Tarah and Daniel's on Monday night! Funny how we have to go to a different province to see each other, aiyaiyai! But we had a great visit, and... ooh, perhaps a few too many bottles of wine between us all. Hey, it was the beginning of our time off, with family we love -- what the heck?

Tuesday morning, I took my nephew Wyatt to kindermusik. While he absolutely adores music (and has a great sense of rhythm), the greatest draw for him was the mosque being built next door! This boy is definitely going to be a crane operator when he grows up. Although he was equally as fascinated with the garbage pick-up on the way home: "someday, Wyatt ride on garbage truck!!!" Tuesdays are usually Wyatt's "special days" with Grammie -- this week, it was special day with Auntie Lyssy, and we made the most of it. :-)

After a fun day with my nephew, we headed west to Lunenburg, to visit with our friends Bob and Julia. We headed to the Tin Fish restaurant for dinner -- lovely food! -- where their friend Paul was playing, with his wife Eilidh and daughter were also visiting. A lovely evening. We stayed at Bob & Julia's beautiful house overlooking the sea, and stayed up into the wee hours catching up on everything. In the not-so-wee hours the next day, we headed back into Hali, through the drizzle and fog.

Wednesday night, we were on our own, and headed down to Quinpool to have dinner at the FANTASTIC "It's All Greek to Me". Cheezy name, yes, but the food and the service are INCREDIBLE!!! (It was all we could do to not sneak back there tonight.) Yes, I like food and wine. Yes, this is an amazing restaurant. Trust me. Go. :-)

Thursdays are usually Lilly's special days with Grammie -- which means I got her this week. She woke us up very gently this morning (she could teach grammie a few lessons in this department -- oops! did I use my outside voice?!?), with a whisper and a snuggle, and then she went to get Grammie to bring us coffee. I have obviously trained this child well!!!

Once coffee was administered, it was down to the kitchen to paint some ornaments for the Solstice tree. It's a running gag that there are to be no holiday decorations put up until after Sunday (my birthday), so she waxed eloquent on all the stores that have ignored the rule, plus the fact that her parents have put up a wreath already. It's fun that she's at the age where teasing is possible.

Her mom and dad were out looking at prospective schools for her for next year -- yikes, is she that old already?!? Her favourite so far is the Shambhala school, where they put on shows. Yup, my niece the showgirl, who'd-a thunk? (They also have a teeter-totter, which came a close second!)

Then it was a late visit to the bookstore (who can resist?), and dinner around the corner. It's now 10pm and we feel like it's 3am -- is that all the time with the kids, or are we finally feeling the effects of the champagne from the other day? Probably both...

Well, we're off to early slumber-land. Yes, believe it or not... Tomorrow is our final Nova Scotia show at Brookside Cottage -- so we'll need our beauty sleep. :-)

Thanks, as always, for reading,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Singing for my supper

Hi folks!

I'm on tour with The Brights right now, but did a solo (or, sorta solo) gig thisafternoon at The Carleton in Halifax. It was a return visit to "Sing For Your Supper", a songwriters circle led every Saturday by our friend (and amazing songwriter) Kev Corbett. The lovely and talented Don Bray was also a guest artist, as was Jadea Kelly and surprise guest David Borins (who is touring with Jadea).

It was a fun afternoon, and there was a larger audience there than we'd had the last time we played the series. We made some new friends, and made a new connection that might prove profitable in the long run... (not saying it out loud yet, I don't want to jinx myself!)

Kev gave us a copy of his yet-to-be-released CD, Son of a Rudderless Boat, which I'm really looking forward to hearing. Jadea and David also gave us their CDs, so we'll have some pleasant listening material on the road, for sure! This was the first time I had heard either of them, and it was a treat. Although David did a song about disliking women who drink whiskey... he promised me it was just a song. :-) I countered, of course, with Not Enough Whiskey -- dodge, parry, thrust!

Unlike last time, we actually got to stay for dinner -- The Carleton has great food, let me tell you! Don had the ribs in... some sort of brandied BBQ sauce. I had curried penne with shrimps and scallops, mmm-mmm, and a nice Australian Merlot whose name I've already forgotten. Hopefully Kev will invite us back a third time, so we can sample more of the menu. :-)

Actually, we might be heading back next Monday, if we aren't busy visiting family -- David Myles is playing that night. We saw him at Shelter Valley this summer, and would love to see a full night of him!

Well, I'm off to tuck my niece into bed. Hope everyone's having a great weekend!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Remembrance Day - The Armed Man

Hi folks,

Wednesday, I played a Remembrance Day concert with the King Edward Singers in Barrie -- the piece was "The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace" by Karl Jenkins. A beautiful work, with some lovely cello passages (and some hair-raising bowing technique - aiyaiyai!). It was a real pleasure, although emotionally quite difficult, when I caught a glimpse of obvious veterans in the audience, and their reactions.

Of course, some of the reactions were quite humorous! In one movement, it's mostly men singing a capella with slow, quiet lines. Then all of a sudden, completely out of nowhere, there's a huge CRASH in the percussion -- everyone jumped, then looked around nervously and giggled a little bit. Not, perhaps, the effect Mr. Jenkins was looking for. ;-)

But it was a very moving piece, and I enjoyed participating in it. John Swartz of the Orillia Packet & Times pointed out that this is the same composer who wrote the music to that famous DeBeers diamond commercial campaign. I mentioned this to some friends as we were leaving (Sandra Ruttan, of the Amity Trio, and her husband Rob), who laughed at the irony... yes, trust a poet to notice. :-)

Well, I've just spent two days in front of the computer screen, trying to get some software fixed up for the Orillia Folk Society. I think I've had enough of computer screens! More later.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hi folks,

Yes, been far too long... I've been a busy little cellist.

Just back from the Barrie Folk Festival -- visit The Brights' blogspot at for more details.

I also have to say that I really enjoyed hearing newcomer Jill Jambor play -- sweet voice, and great attitude! I think she'll go far.

In the meantime, I've been busy getting the new committee for the Orillia Folk Society up and running, getting ready for our upcoming tour, attempting to be a computer genius (!), and doing all the glamorous behind-the-scenes stuff -- argh. Will try to write more soon. Right now, though, my sweetie is insisting on taking me out for dinner -- who can resist?