Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Okay, I lied...

We've been at the hospital since 6:15, it's now 8:45 and he's not going to be out until 11:00.  Tried to read. Hardeeharhar.  It's Sudoku or blog.  Or both.

The nurses and staff here are lovely.  Even the fellow waiting-room folks are chatting away and hiding their nerves (except one, who was exceptionally cranky).  The volunteers are cheery and helpful and would probably go to the bathroom for you if they could.  The chick at the Tim Horton's counter, not so much... But, got a bagel into me -- look mom, I'm eating breakfast, and it's not even noon!  ;-)

Of course, this means I will probably be starving by noon.

My beloved sister-friend Ali is not here and hasn't been in touch.  Which tells me that she's had to go off to Ottawa to be with her aunt as she dies.

I hate cancer.

Especially when people I love have it, or the people they love have it.

I went to bed with a horrible wish that my ex-husband were going to hospital instead.  I don't take it back.  I'm going to hell.  But there will be some cool music there, and most of my friends.  :-)

Speaking of, we have some wonderful ones.  Ray is en route from Toronto to be with is "brother" -- I told him Don might not be conscious for a while, but he wants to be close, anyhow.  Ali's probably feeling guilty she isn't here -- which makes me laugh, because we were just talking about compassion fatigue and our inability to say no, which will undoubtedly lead to our demise.

I'm good.  I'm an introvert.  Being alone is generally my preferred mode...  Otherwise, I'm looking after the people who are visiting.  Ali is the exception, because she and I would have to jello-wrestle over who was taking care of who, and then Don might burst some stitches...  ;-)

As far as old hospitals go, the RVH is rather bright and open.  Some of the corridors are a little bleak, but the common areas are quite nice.  You can't cross your legs without bumping into a handwashing station.  I have a feeling I'll be eating a lot of Tim Horton's and Subway and Jugo Juice and Druxy's this week.  I'll eat healthy on the weekend, promise.

OK, the cafeteria is starting to bustle.  I've got some people-watching to do.  There's an album worth of songs at the tables around me.  If only I can stay awake long enough to listen...


  1. And my heart beats
    in time
    with you as Don's heart
    in time
    with you.

    Love and hugs

    PS -- and the verification word is....


  2. I love the verification word! Thanks, lovely. I'm about to head back up and stare earnestly at the volunteer. :-)