Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How can I miss you when you won't go away?

OK, be careful what you ask for, right?

Round two in as many weeks of got-the-house-to-myself, as Don heads over to Gabriola (without me, waaaahhh) to do the final master of his new solo CD with our friend Graemme at Zen Mastering.  (Love the name!)

It would have been nice to have a few more days before doing the happy dance.  Not quite so happy.  Yes, it's nice to be by myself, as always, but... I'm actually missing him this time.

Stupid Lyssy... you're not supposed to miss him.

Maybe it's just selfish -- after all, he's in the place we love, and I'm here, in the place I like a lot, but can no longer flourish in.  My sister asked if he was going to look at real estate while in Victoria... no time.  Which is good, because then I'd be REALLY jealous!

Feeling a tremendous urge to create, to collaborate, and so few opportunities around here.  Unless you count the "this would be great exposure!" crap, which I'm about 30 years too old to be fooled by.  (I have refrained from responding to an e-mail that came in last night, with that exact request... I'm trying to find a polite way to say no.  Still trying...)

He's in the land of people I want to collaborate with, collaborating with one of the guys I'd like to collaborate with.  Staying for two nights at The Haven, where life and people are beautiful.

And I'm feeling sorry for myself, in my Rudolph pyjamas and messy office.  Having accomplished a whole bunch today, dealt with a great deal of emotional upheaval (more on that tomorrow, I just don't have the energy to explain tonight), but... still missing him.

Damn.  So much for being 100% independent.

Stupid Lyssy... you're not supposed to miss him.

What happened to the happy dance?  There's supposed to be a happy dance...

Over and out,
Two Left Feet Lyssy

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